Messengers 10 Year Anniversary Tour

Caught August Burns Red last night at the Messengers 10-Year Anniversary Tour in Nashville. This was one of the first bands that opened my eyes to heavy music. Messengers had a huge impact in my early teens and still holds a special place in my heart. I'm thankful I had the opportunity to photograph such an unforgettable performance. 

to be everywhere, is to be nowhere

I've been a fan of Thrice for years.  I spent many mornings with The Artist in the Ambulance playing in the car on the way to school. So it was obviously a nostalgic and exciting feeling to finally photograph such an iconic band in the industry, especially a sold out show with a thousand die hard Thrice fans.  Their newest record, To Be Everywhere, Is To be Nowhere,  has become one of my top 10 albums of the year.  It's so refreshing to hear an album that seems familiar to Thrice fans such as myself, but also a new sort of energy and thunderous sound that Thrice seems to always accomplish in their sound. The opening of "Hurricane" which is the first track on the new record was a perfect way to open the show with the quiet intro that leads into the heavy chorus.  I was ecstatic to finally hear some of my favorite Thrice songs live such as "The Window," "Silhouette," and "The Earth Will Shake."  These songs were filled with emotion from the bands performance and was given back by the insane crowd screaming and singing these songs back. The change of lighting with each song was a definite plus as i played with these photo after the show.  Here's some of my favorites from this incredible night.        

Nu Waves

The Neighbourhood made their return to Nashville this past Wednesday at a personal favorite venue of mine, Marathon Music Works.  Not long ago, The Neighbourhood released their sophomore record, Whipped Out, and Nashville was ready to see all their favorites from the album. The band is well known for their dark ambient vibes on stage with a mixture of R&B and Rock which can definitely be shown in the their sound, performance and appearance.  Front man, Jesse Rutherford’s stage presence is always a captivating performance and fits the bands persona. With a variety of ambient backlights creating silhouettes and making each member stand out, there is no doubt that the Nu Waves tour has been one of my favorite shows to photograph so far this year. 

Shot for No Country for New Nashville

Shaky Knees with JB

Since i have been done with classes, my anxiety and all that fun jazz that comes from stress have been slowly disappearing. It's nice to finally relax and focus on my summer plans. Something i always look forward to when summer begins is festival season and the multiple artist that i might have the chance to interact with and photograph.  So to start off my summer of many adventures, i took a short drive back home to Shaky Knees Festival in Atlanta. I was so blessed to work with an incredible artist and a close friend of mine, Julien Baker.  Julien is a beautiful soul, and can bring every little bit of positivity to any situation.  I was more than grateful to work with her to document her experience at this festival and catch some of our favorite bands together like Deftones and At the Drive-In. Here are some of my favorite moments...       


It's been a minute since i've posted on here. Life has been crazy busy, but Monday night was much needed.  This past Monday, i had the opportunity to photograph the legendary Underoath.  If i am going to be honest on here, Underoath is one of the bands who has impacted me throughout my life.  There was point in my life where i felt at my lowest point and life felt meaningless.  Music is something that kept me stable and Underoath's music gave me hope.  My first tattoo, and one of my first concerts, Underoath will always have a special place in my heart. Seeing this band again, let alone photographing them was an absolute honor and i will never forget seeing two of my favorite albums played in their entirety.  All photos for No Country for New Nashville. Ø

Alessia Cara

Kind of late to post about this show, but last Tuesday i had the opportunity to photograph Alessia Cara's "Know It All Tour."  For the past year, I have been following Alessia's career and the growth from her hit single "Here" to her first full length.  I see so much potential in this artist, especially for her young age.  It excites me to see a young artist such as Alessia sell out a huge venue such as Cannery Ballroom.  I cannot wait to see how Alessia explodes in the next year!


Thank you 2015

These photos wrap up one incredible year of growing and experiences. I made new friends and grew more in my self-confidence.  Handling school and trying to pursue a career has not been easy, but i am blessed with amazing friends and family who got me through the stress.  There are too many people to thank for such an incredible year, but overall thank you to everyone who has supported me as i grow in my career and as a person.  I cannot wait to see what 2016 has in store.

Much love.

Clay Cages & Bogues Winter Tour

The past 2 weeks I will remember forever.  I had the privilege to work on the road with some of my best friends in the world and document their music endeavors around the south east.  From long smelly car rides to jumping in the beach in December, I made memories that I will never forget.  Thanks boys.