Nolan Knight’s work serves best as a vehicle. He understand how to document his subjects as the larger-than-life personas they put on. For his work with artists like Imagine Dragons, Julien Baker, and R.LUM.R, he captures them at their most invincible and intimate. Or for artists like Kendrick Lamar, The 1975, or Billie Eilish, Nolan catches them in their element; moving crowds with superhuman strength and charisma across arenas and festival grounds. Yet one of his most earned and labored skill is his innate ability to nurture growing artists in their own habitats and bring out the genius in them. His documentary work with Adia Victoria or world-building with James Droll show his complete understanding of an artist’s ethos while showing their brilliance off to the rest of the world. His work transports fans directly into the universe of their favorite artists and beyond.